Wset level 2 spirits exam questions and answers


But what could I learn? I loved travel and food writing, but everyone was doing that. I needed a niche… and suddenly it seemed so obvious. Not very much, if I was honest.

WSET Level 2 in Wines – Practice Exams

A quick search revealed WSET to be the globally recognised, industry-standard qualification to have. The Level 1 looked too basic even for me, but the intermediate Level 2 could be done in a few weeks and only cost a few hundred pounds.

I booked the soonest available course in my area. Within half an hour of turning up I sensed I was the least knowledgeable person in the class.

What you really need at Level 2 is tactical revision skills. My natural laziness had led me to always try to get away with learning the smallest amount possible for the highest returns. You get two books on the course: a work book and a text book. All of the answers to the exam questions are in there.

I also tend to leave out some of the more obscure, hard to recall facts and write them off as collateral damage. Then, whatever you learn in class will be a consolidation of what you already knew, rather than a load of overwhelming new facts and figures. Click here to read about how that went. If you enjoyed this post, please follow us on Facebook and WordPress. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

Wset Level 2 (Sample Questions)

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Name required. Previous Post. Next Post. Post to Cancel.When you go out to the club, there is something you pay attention to, such as how the drinks are mixed and which ones are available in some clubs and not all of the others. Give it a shot and see just how knowledgeable you are. Search Speak now.

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Quiz: What U. City Should You Live In? Are You Really Best Friends? Related Topics. Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. What is the most famous region of France known for its Chardonnay wines? What wines should accompany salty foods? Choose the three New Zealand regions knows for growing Pinot Noir.

The taste buds that detect bitterness are located in the center of the tongue.

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Which is a traditional Protected Designation of Origin term for Italian wines? What is the term for a wine that has been most likely oaked by using staves or chips? High fat and fried foods are best matched with what kind of wines? What is the wine-making process for red wines? What flavors are added to the wine by "maturing with oxygen? What are three villages cities in France's Burgundy region known for their Chardonnay grapes?

Back to top.A few year ago, my wife and I began to get more interested in wine and wanted to increase our wine knowledge. We had taken several leisure-focused wine classes but decided it was time to take a wine course offered by one of the well-established wine education organizations.

This course was held over a series of weekday nights, which fitted our schedule well at the time. We enjoyed that class as it provided a good baseline education of wine and filled in a lot of the knowledge gaps from our previous wine studies. My wife and I have an month old daughter now, so weekday night classes no longer fit our schedule.

Now our nights are more about our daughter tasting new foods and less us tasting new wines. Each presentation covers one of the major topic areas of the material. After receiving my class material, it was time to do some wine shopping! WSET provides a list of suggested tastings to coincide with the course. In the traditional classroom setting, WSET course tastings are provided during each class session.

For home study, you need to provide your own wine. I used the list of suggested tastings to pick six bottles for my first shopping trip. Here are some of my wine study picks. One benefit of the home study is the flexibility of schedule. This allowed me complete all of the material in about two months.

The material covers the winemaking process, tasting and pairing, and the major wine regions and grape varieties throughout the world. There is also a section dedicated to spirits, including distillation process and the major categories of spirits. I did miss a few aspects of what I experienced in the WSET I class, mainly having a live instructor and the interaction with other classmates during tastings, and question and answer with the instructor.

The home study course is priced less expensive than the live course, but home study students will likely spend the difference purchasing their wine for tastings. Since this is a real course with the goal of a certification at the end, it was more than just hanging out at home drinking wine and reading a little. I did have to buckle down and study as passing an exam is required.

wset level 2 spirits exam questions and answers

The question exam was held at the Texas Wine School. On exam day, I showed up at the Texas Wine School a little early for some last minute review, then sat for the exam. Students are given an hour for the test, and I felt that was plenty of time.

A few weeks after the exam I received my results: Passed with Distinction!

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wset level 2 spirits exam questions and answers

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You have created 2 folders. Please upgrade to Cram Premium to create hundreds of folders! Beside s faultiness, what might a hint of brown and haziness indicate in a healthy wine? Wha t causes astringent, strong, mouth drying tannin while when the tannin level is low? Win e that is typical of the region and variety. A good example of that wine's grape and region. Wha t flavor character does the seed impart if it was crushed during fermentation?

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Upgrade Cancel.Below are some tips and exam type questions for the WSET exams. Our instructors have put these together from their own lectures and from our student's flashcards. Signing up for our VIP newsletter will give you additional tips, tricks, industry trends and industry discounts! Its a great way to stay sharp and see where you need additional studying! The questions change each day so keep coming back! If you pay attention, you will most likely pass.

Online classes can be a bit more difficult as you don't have the comradierie of a class nor are you guided through the topics and pairing exercises in a face to face with one of our instructors. You will have 45 minutes for 30 multiple choice questions in your Level 1 exam. Sample questions. We pride ourselves with a better passing percentage than most other Approved Program Providers! That said, this is still a more difficult exam than LVL1 with more multiple choice questions 50 that you have an hour to complete.

Time is almost never a factor in this exam with most students finishing in minutes. Take your time to ensure you read the question and don't get caught by "which of these is not" type of questions. More tips are available by grabbing our newsletter! Quick overview on the exam, there are two parts tasting and theory. But passing one means you only have to re-take the failed portion.

The New Zealand Wine Quiz - WSET style exam questions to test and quiz your knowledge

This is a serious exam, there are no shortcuts to success! To stay up to date with more questions, class discounts and more, grab our newsletter! Share Share. We create our own as well! Call or text info edu. Students can view details in their Student Portal. Please bring ID and a couple 2 pencils. Class runs 9am to 4pm.

wset level 2 spirits exam questions and answers

Denver, CO at pm. Email info edu. VINO All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Payments and Refund Policy.Who better than fellow students, professionals, and alumni to provide honest feedback and advice? However, if such responders have studied some while ago or the discussion is a couple of years old, the answers and opinions might be based on incorrect or out-of-date information. For this reason, I felt that an article on the current status of WSET qualifications could offer useful information for the GuildSomm community.

Beyond that, I contribute to the production of our Specification documents and the resources we provide to educators, teach WSET qualifications, and help to mark exams. I sometimes get asked whether my job is full-time. I think some people imagine that my role involves making occasional updates when a piece of wine legislation changes. However, just like any other wine business, we constantly seek to evolve and to stay relevant and valuable to our customers.

Even if the content of a qualification broadly stays the same, we are always updating and improving the way we present information, the support we give to our educators, and the quality of the student experience. WSET was founded in It was originally established to offer wine and spirits education to members of the UK drinks industry but is now the largest provider of qualifications in wines, spirits, and sake worldwide.

We currently have over course providers in more than 70 countries, and our nine qualifications are available in up to 15 languages. In the last academic year August to Julyoverstudents enrolled in one of our qualifications. These students include both drinks industry professionals and enthusiasts from outside the trade. Classroom-based courses have always been the most popular method of study, with many students valuing face-to-face time with an educator, the ability to taste numerous samples in a group setting, and the chance to meet other enthusiasts.

However, we also provide online courses to broaden the reach of our qualifications. The wine coverage is largely the same as the previous qualification, but the study materials have been fully rewritten. Our aim through this update has been to maintain the standard of the qualification while enhancing the student experience. The most significant changes include the following:. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of how raw materials, fermentation, distillation, and post-distillation operations are managed and influence the style and quality of a spirit.

In order to keep the theoretical content manageable, the course explores a select range of spirits in more detail: Scotch whisky, American whiskey, Cognac, Armagnac, Caribbean rum, Tequila, Mezcal, vodka, and gin.

However, the course also covers a wide range of other spirits including, for the first time in a WSET qualification, the Asian spirits of baijiu, shochu, and soju. Students will also taste and learn to accurately describe and evaluate a wide variety of spirits.

The new structure allows us to provide higher-quality, more in-depth spirits education for those requiring that knowledge without reducing our content on wine or increasing the time required for each course.

Our qualifications are consistent across all the countries and languages in which they are offered, providing a globally recognized standard. Each level not only represents an increase in the breadth and depth of information that students will learn, but also the level of theory and tasting skills that they will develop. This is reflected in minimum study time, from 6 hours at Level 1 to hours, generally spread over 18 to 24 months, at Level 4.

At Level 1, students gain a basic knowledge of types and styles of product and how they are made. At Level 2, students broaden their knowledge of the product and its production options and can describe styles confidently.

Wine Education: The Ultimate WSET L2 Review Test!

At Level 3, they develop a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the product and its production options, and can apply this to explain style and quality.

They also learn to taste and describe the product accurately and make judgements as to its quality and suitability for further aging. Our single Level 4 qualification is the Diploma in Wines, which offers an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the core principles of both the production and business of wine.Detailed, expert instruction will help efficiently broaden your baseline knowledge in everything from which botanicals or flavorings are used for certain spirits and liqueurs, and why they taste unique.

As well as what influences distillate quality, labeling term definitions, and how best to serve and store cocktails and spirits. The author has also worked closely with wine, beer and spirits manufacturers to customize styles and brands for various applications throughout the beverage industry.

Brainscape also uses a proprietary system called Intelligent Cumulative Exposure ICEwhich introduces concepts incrementally, gradually increasing difficulty according to YOUR individualized confidence and knowledge levels. Explanations of spirits categories, labeling terms, aging requirements, and classifications so you have a thorough understanding of each topic covered.

Tasting And Evaluating Spirits. Learn about all of the decisions that can and need to be made before, during and after distillation of spirits.

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The Spirits Industry. Fruit Spirits. Learn about the historical and classic categories of these intriguing spirits, made anywhere in the world fruits are grown. Tequila And Mezcal. Flavored Spirits And Liqueurs. Aromatised Wines. Not necessarily spirits, the drinks in this section are key to understanding cocktail culture, especially with regard to vermouth.

An introduction to properly setting up a professional bar and the tools needed to make drinks of all types. Find Flashcards. Browse over 1 million classes created by top students, professors, publishers, and experts, spanning the world's body of "learnable" knowledge.

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wset level 2 spirits exam questions and answers

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