Variable capacitor trimmer


Variable Capacitor is one of the type of basic capacitors. Based on the capacitance, capacitor s are classified under two categories.

Variable Trimmer Capacitors

Similarly, the capacitors that are with varying amounts of capacitance are known as Variable Capacitors. Instead of deciding the values during manufacturing like Fixed Capacitors, certain ranges of values are provided in Variable Capacitors.

Based on the required values these capacitors are chosen. In most of the Tuning Circuits, this type of capacitor is preferred. In this way, the variable capacitors can be defined. The symbol for this type of capacitor is simple. It consists of an arrow on it to represent that it is a variable one. In this article, we are about to discuss the most popular types of these capacitors. Let us discuss them in detail.

The capacitance of these capacitors can be varied with the help of screwdrivers or by any other devices manually. The capacitors that consist of screws on it so that one can change the value of capacitance are known as Trimmer Capacitors. These are very flexible and efficient in terms of matching the values of impedance. The above-discussed capacitors are tuned mechanically which are widely used. Even there exists electronically type of Variable Capacitors.

Which one of the Variable Capacitor you are familiar with?

variable capacitor trimmer

Variable Capacitor Symbol. Tuning Capacitor. Trimmer Capacitor.Through our brands Read more. For many demanding RFID, medical, and cellular technologies applications the half or single turn Increasing magnetic resonance applications caused Voltronics to launch an active engineering Knowles Precision Devices is the world's leader in the design and manufacture of precision trimmer capacitors.

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Trimmer Variable Capacitors. Capacitance Range.

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variable capacitor trimmer

Air Plate. TCC: Temperature Coefficient.There are many types of capacitors depending upon their function, the dielectric material used, their shape etc. The main classification is done according to fixed and variable capacitors. The main classification is just like the above one. The fixed capacitors are the ones whose value is fixed at the time of manufacturing itself and the variable ones provide us with an option to vary the value of capacitance.

Let us know something about the variable capacitors whose value alters when you vary, either electrically or mechanically. Variable capacitors in general consists of interwoven sets of metallic plates in which one is fixed and the other is variable. These capacitors provide the capacitance values so as to vary between 10 to pF.

The ganged capacitor shown here is a combination of two capacitors connected together. A single shaft is used to rotate the variable ends of these capacitors which are combined as one. The dotted line indicates that they are connected internally.

Still Building The Homemade Variable Trimmer Capacitor

There are many uses of these variable resistors such as for tuning in LC circuits of radio receivers, for impedance matching in antennas etc. The main types of variable capacitors are Tuning capacitors and Trimmer capacitors. Tuning capacitors are popular type of variable capacitors. They contain a stator, a rotor, a frame to support the stator and a mica capacitor.

The constructional details of a tuning capacitor are shown in the following figure. The stator is a stationary part and rotor rotates by the movement of a movable shaft. The rotor plates when moved into the slots of stator, they come close to form plates of a capacitor. The above figure shows a ganged tuning capacitor having two tuning capacitors connected in a gang. This is how a tuning capacitor works.

These capacitors generally have capacitance values from few Pico Farads to few tens of Pico Farads. These are mostly used in LC circuits in radio receivers. These are also called as Tuning Condensers. Trimmer capacitors are varied using a screwdriver. Trimmer capacitors are usually fixed in such a place where there is no need to change the value of capacitance, once fixed.Skip to main content Trimmer Capacitor.

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High quality and delivered on time. See All Buying Options. Out of the 50, there are 2 defective ones that do not change capacitance during rotation.

And it is worth noting that the capacitance does not vary from 0 to 60pF; it is more like 20 or 30 to 60pF. Worked as expected! A little surprised but this thing is pretty accurate and works quite well. These are perfect for various radio circuits where a small variable capacitor is needed. This is a 4 gang variable capacitor with independent capacitor sections. Each section has a trimmer capacitor on the back for fine adjustment of the tuning range.

There are two sections with a tuning range of pF and trimmer of pF. And there are two sections with a tuning range of pF with a trimmer of pF.With a range of 5 pF to 27 pF, this multi-turn capacitor can be constructed using only six items. For those who enjoy building radio projects, you may have noticed that variable capacitors are not as available as they once were.

22Pf Trimmer Capacitor

There was a time when all radio receivers contained at least one, but with the arrival of the varicap diode and frequency synthesizer, the traditional tuning capacitor is difficult to find. Fortunately, a variable capacitor is a simple device and one that you can easily construct yourself. Start by screwing the two nuts onto the screw itself.

variable capacitor trimmer

Each hex nut needs to be scratched with a one-sided razor blade, but only on one side. The scratching ensures the soldering adheres to the nut. Be sure to hold the soldering gun onto the nut for a good 30 seconds, ensuring that the solder adheres well to each nut. You should see the solder begin to grab onto the nut after several seconds. After you have a firm dab of solder on each side of each nut, take your PCB and place it under the two nuts. Adjust the two nuts so each rests on each side of the PCB.

Next, place some heavy form over your setup, ensuring it does not move. Take your soldering gun and heat up the solder on one of the nuts. When it becomes soft, start applying more solder to that area. Once the solder has accumulated enough, the weight of itself will fall directly onto the PCB. When the one adheres to the PCB, do the same for the other nut. Make 12 wraps of wire around your screw.

Go ahead and unscrew your "coil" from the screw. Measure 16 mm up from the bottom of the head of the screw. Take a new single nut and position it where the 16 mm is, and using your hacksaw blade, cut at that point.

variable capacitor trimmer

The new nut is placed to keep an accurate measurement while you cut. Turn the screw all the way and take your newly-made coil and screw that onto your freshly-cut screw.

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The final step involves putting a piece of folded plastic underneath the screw between the two nuts. Thus, when you turn it, you will get sporadic discontinuity between the screw and the nuts. The plastic gives an upward push on the screw and the two nuts, providing a continual continuity between the two. Lastly, bend the outside end of the coil wire toward the inside end wire and snip off the excess. Taking your single-edged razor blade, scrape off the enamel-coated insulation where the two wires come together, and solder them in place.

Take a small piece of the gauge wire and scrape off all of the enamel.Order by:. Available to:. Variable Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors, 1. NEW 8. All numbers are approximative. The photos are not actual. Air Capacitor Trimmer, Panel Mount Air Capacitor Trimmer, Panel Mount 1. Hammarlund Air Variable Trimmer Capacitor 2. Johnson Air Variable Trimmer Capacitor Erie Standard Piston Trimmer Capacitor.

Teledyne Trimmer Capacitor. Ceramic Piston Capacitive Trimmer 0. Variable Cap pF, Mica Trimmer. Lot of 1, 5, or Here is a pair of little trimmer capacitors. I think mostly made by Johnson. Probably only 10 pF or so. These are always handy to have around.

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