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Vantec opened its second facility in November of in Falls City, Nebraska. This plant was built to add capacity, as well as, to be closer to customers and to be more responsive to their needs. Capacity for up to ton Presses. Assembly and Secondary Operations. State-of-the-Art Injection Molding. Climate Controlled Environment for Process Optimization. Real-Time Monitoring of Processing Parameters. Our dynamic support systems insure quality products are produced every time.

Auxiliary equipment located on the lower level to reduce noise and contamination Cells on the molding floor are supported by a flexible cell on the lower level Automated material handling systems for precise and consistent material blending, reducing cost and improving quality Mold storage in a safe, secure, climate-controlled system extends tool life and reduces maintenance.

Conveniently Located to Service:.

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Expandable to 80, Sq. Warehousing 20, Sq. Central Material Handling System. Material Silo CapacityLbs. Climate Control - AC.As a Managing Director of the company, I sincerely would like to thank all the people concerned that our company was able to continue for 10 years business in India.

Even though, Vantec Logistics India, Private Limited, is currently facing a tough business environment, we aim for continuous growth for the next decade in this dynamic market with the pillars of business portfolio upgrade, enhancement of management, and employee training.

Business portfolio upgrade - New customer development of - Termination of unprofitable businesses - Expansion in Non-Automotive industry 2.

Enhancement of management - Visualization of operation and termination of unprofitable days by daily balance system - Safety top seminar 3. The page begins here. The following are links to help you navigate around the site. Go to the main menu.

Go to the main content of this page. Go to the common information for this site. The main menu of the site begins here. Our Logistic Services. Solution Total supply chain management Case Study. The main content of this page begins here. Company Profile. Message from Top management. Building No. Automotive logistics services, Air freight forwarding, sea freight forwarding, Freight trucking, Warehousing and etc.Since the mid's, we have made relentless efforts to lead the contract logistics evolution as an innovative pioneer.

We will continue challenging ourselves to optimize your supply chain with you, from procurement through aftermarket logistics. Whether it may be delivering train cars or gigantic plant equipment, or relocating your factory or office, we can support your moving needs with our professional expertise and wide footprint. Our robust capabilities have been built up since our early days.

From anywhere to anywhere around the globe. You can always rely on our global network and capabilities. As a specialist in both heavy transport and forwarding, we can uniquely provide seamless integration of the two for your industrial projects.

Our Smart Logistics technologies are promoting supply chain innovation. We also offer a variety of professional solutions for your logistics operations, such as packaging, information security, environment protection, and dangerous goods.

vantec logistics

Hitachi Transport System Group will attempt to expand our collaborative efforts across businesses and industries to achieve new innovations, placing Smart Logistics at our core. Latest News Investor News. Track Your Freight. Our Solutions to Your Challenges. Heavy Transport and Relocation Whether it may be delivering train cars or gigantic plant equipment, or relocating your factory or office, we can support your moving needs with our professional expertise and wide footprint. Freight Forwarding From anywhere to anywhere around the globe.

Solutions Our Smart Logistics technologies are promoting supply chain innovation. Our Business Concept.Making full use of our Group's expertise and global network, we act as a one-stop service provider. We can arrange the optimal mode of transportation, and support you with any other related needs.

From anywhere and to anywhere around the world, we move goods seamlessly and efficiently, with our expertise in high-quality transport services. Along with globalization, our customers are seeing more and more business opportunities through geographical expansion. The Hitachi Transport System Group can meet all your international transportation needs, thanks to our comprehensive worldwide network. Thanks to our global network, we can provide safe and reliable transportation services between any regions.

Compared to managing each function with separate providers on your own, it allows for a more stable logistics quality and reduces the complexity of your management or administrative processing tasks.

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We meet a wide range of needs related to domestic transportation, packaging, processing, and so on, and also provide first-class forwarding services on a world-wide scale. Moreover, we can constantly deliver an unmatched level of service value to you through integrating our expertise and capabilities that are proven by our track record in the areas of contract logistics, heavy machinery transportation, and equipment installation.

We take into account the delivery time-frame, budget range, regional characteristics, and the nature of the cargo.

vantec logistics

Then, selecting the best form of transportation from air, ship, rail, etc. Taking advantage of our Group's integrated capabilities, we offer a wide variety of forwarding services all over the world. Furthermore, you can track the transportation status of your cargo online, around the clock. The Hitachi Transport System Group has a vast domestic and global network.

Outside of Japan, we have 78 companies in our group, with facilities in locations as of March, Through safety education, which is fundamental to everything we do, and by ensuring we have the latest information on customs clearance practices, laws and regulations, transportation conditions, and so on, we constantly increase the knowledge and skill-levels of our staff, in each and every region. Our local subsidiaries are able to provide service in the Japanese language if preferable.

In areas that are not covered by our Group companies, we engage our trusted partners to provide a safe and reliable service just like elsewhere through close cooperation. No matter the location, we always seek to deliver service of the highest quality. The HTS Group is committed to providing safe, high-quality transportation services on a global scale. To that end, we have been pushing ahead with acquiring these certifications.

Forwarding does not mean simply transporting items from A to B. In addition to complications that may arise from a variety of administrative procedures, management tasks, office work, and so on, it is essential to undertake appropriate packing for the safe transportation and regulatory compliance of the cargo.

There is a wide variety of challenges that may arise from moving your cargos internationally, and how to handle them may also vary widely.

The Hitachi Transport System Group is able to take care of all your needs, be it product calibration inspections, labelling, or various distribution processing needs, allowing you to focus on your core business. Site Top Freight Forwarding.

Freight Forwarding.Vantec Security And Logistics offers international air freight services from all worldwide destinations for all your export and import needs Find Out More. Find Out More. We offer daily services for all your cross border trucking need. Having access to trucks returning from all major gateways.


We provide a complete array of supply chain management solutions involving air freight, ocean freight, trucking, warehousing and distribution. Is committed to excellence in service and maintains high levels of adaptability to the necessities of our customers, regulatory implementation and technology to the highly ever changing world market. We adhere to high quality standards in order to realize and increase operational and economic efficiencies to our customers.

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This philosophy is shared by our carefully selected worldwide partners in the logistics industry. With some years of collective experience in freight, and logistics, TDS and its team of knowledgeable consultants can help you make the right decision on how to move your freight.

We offer advice on the best possible means to make your product viable for domestic or international markets. Air freight. Vantec Security And Logistics offers international air freight services from all worldwide destinations for all your export and import needs. Weekly sailings. Vantec Security And Logistics. Daily services.Built on the strength of the Hitachi Transport Global Logistics Network, the collaboration of North America Hitachi Companies leverages the flexibility and specialization of each company.

Our customs brokerage services are built around a world-class team of professionals who understand government regulations and your business needs. Imagine a logistics partner with the capability and expertise to evaluate your unique logistics requirements and provides solutions that consider the needs of your business. When it comes to Cargo Insurance we have you covered and there are some important things you should know about insuring your shipments.

Our Smart air freight services feature consolidated shipment options, pre-booked space, chartered flights, standard to express delivery options and much more. Utilize our completely integrated supply-chain logistics information management solutions designed to automate and streamline each aspect of the international supply-chain.

At Vantec Hitachi Transport we focus on delivering your ocean freight shipments to any point worldwide with customized service offerings for companies, small to large. Ultra-heavy and very large items require highly-skilled experts. Vantec Hitachi Transport System is here to help. The following will address …. Inon a cold and windy December day the Wright brothers changed the world with a single ….

Does your freight forwarding partner measure up? We would like to extend our appreciation to …. The seasonal rush to get your goods to market in time for holiday shoppers is over. Are you …. Incoterms, short for "International Commercial Terms" are international import and export shipping ….

vantec logistics

The words 'Trade war' aren't something to toss around lightly, However when President Trump made …. It is true that no supply chain is immune from disruptions; however, there are steps you can take ….

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Search within Hitachi Transport System Group. Showcased Services.Integrate our full range of Freight Forwarding into your contract logistics program and you have a complete Supply Chain Solution customized to fit the unique requirements of your business.

When you choose Vantec Hitachi Transport you are creating a partnership for success.

vantec logistics

Our comprehensive list of Third Party logistics services means your warehouse operates with minimum disruption; freeing you and your management teams to concentrate on your core business activity. Our contract logistics team is ready to optimize your current warehouse operations, Warehouse Management System, and processes or develop new operations to assist and improve production efficiency. We approach warehouse design as a science that requires an in-depth knowledge of the entire supply chain to implement successfully.

Designing and running an efficient warehouse is no simple task. Our methodical approach means that we can develop the most efficient warehouses possible. To run fast — to operate effectively — and to get. To run fast — to operate effectively — and to get product where it is needed, when it is needed, and how it is needed. Our systems allow for full customization, tracking and traceability to maintain complete inventory accuracy.

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All of our sites have achieved and uphold very high Health and Safety standards. We are proud of our safety program which features regular training and compliance audits conducted on every aspect of our warehousing activities.

At Vantec Hitachi Transport System we have developed a range of innovative solutions and value-added services for our clients including:.

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Search within Hitachi Transport System Group. Warehousing We approach warehouse design as a science that requires an in-depth knowledge of the entire supply chain to implement successfully. To run fast — to operate effectively — and to get Our methodical approach means that we can develop the most efficient warehouses possible. We make it easy. Please complete our short rate request form today and experience logistics solutions that your business deserves.