Norinco 22 rifle parts


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Gun : GA Sales: Norinco SKS. This rifle is all matching components with a Norinco MAK90 with Drum and 2 mags.

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This is a Norinco MAK It comes with a drum, Large mag and small mag. PLease do not buy if your state does not allow this firearm. Will only ship to FFL read more. GA Sales: 8. No Additional Credit Card Fees! Our Stock No. Norinco SKS Package 7. Norinco SKS rifle in 7. Used, no box or papers. This item is on consignment. Offers will be passed on Norinco SKS 7. Norinco SKS in 7. Comes packaged with a Leapers x50 scope, sling, bipod. Offers will be passed on to the owne Norinco NDM 86 7.

Excellent Norinco NDM 86 7.This is a discussion on Norinco clones of Browning takedowns I've been interested in getting one ever since I realised that Saw a new Norinco Takedown. I've been interested in getting one ever since I realised that Boston T Party recommended them as being equal to the pricey Brownings they're based on Boston has never led me wrong before, so my question is, was this offputting play normal for the design or was that praticular rifle badly made?

norinco 22 rifle parts

It was new, never fired by the way. Originally Posted by Sweets. I believe your referring to a Browning SA rifle. It's a semi-automatic, loads through the butt stock and ejects from the bottom of the receiver. It's about 36" LOA.

norinco 22 rifle parts

It was first put on the market in If this is the rifle you're asking about I've been using one for over 50 years. Mine is made in Belgium but I imagine the Japanese ones will give great service. I doubt the Norinco would have lasted me over 50 years.

Originally Posted by dozier. I can't answer as I don't have one sweets. They didn't have any more of the rifles at the show that you could compare against one another? There is an adjustment ring included in the design of this type of take down rifle.

If the barrel does not lock tightly with the receiver you may adjust the ring tighter.

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Thanks from High Hat. There was only the one, and it was the only one I've seen in a couple of years of looking.Recently I came to the conclusion that having a takedown. Canadian shooters can still buy the JW see Marstar. Having researched a number of the older tube-fed. I found about them from a link to Sarco's website on Slickguns.

I called Sarco Friday afternoon and they had one left in the showroom. The salesman I spoke with agreed to set it aside for me. Yesterday morning I drove up to Easton and bought it.

norinco 22 rifle parts

After getting it home, I field stripped, cleaned, and oiled it. It was pretty clean, without too much oil or grease. The Norinco is a very close copy of the FN and Miroku-made guns. From what I've read, most Browning parts are interchangeable, although some fitting may be required. Compared with a Browning, the Norinco's fit and finish is much cruder, but by most accounts they work well. My rifle's blueing is well done and the wood is decent, if not up to Browning's standards.

First, the bottom ejection means that as a lefty, I don't need to worry about getting empty cases or gas in my face. My daughter and wife are also left eye dominant, so even though they are right handed they shoot portside. Last weekend my daughter shot my Remington Apache 77 and called it quits after getting hit on the cheek by an unburned powder granule. This is one reason why we all wear safety glasses when shooting. Also, the crossbolt safety is reversible for left handed operation.

I'm still figuring out exactly how to do this, since the manual merely states that you can have a gunsmith perform the switch. The gun takes down into two halves less than 20" long in just a few seconds, with no tools. I may pick up a cheap camera tripod case to hold the rifle when broken down. I got one for my Stoeger coach gun and it's great for holding the gun, a Boresnake, and some ammo. Likewise, field stripping the rifle requires no tools.

Finally, it weighs less than five pounds, which makes it easy to pack, and easy for my daughter to hold up. To load the rifle, you twist the end of the magazine tube insert accessible via a hole in the buttplate and pull it out until it stops. Then, with the rifle pointing muzzle down, drop up to Then push in the mag insert and twist about a quarter turn to lock it in place.

Finally, charge the rifle by pulling back the bolt handle and letting it go.

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Last night I was able to shoot the Norinco on an indoor range. I put about rounds through it, with a few malfunctions.Log in or Sign up. China made.

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Apr 17, 1. Found an unusual China made. Any one ever see one? DakomaApr 17, Apr 18, 2. Years back I had one. May still have it someplace.

norinco 22 rifle parts

As I recall it had a feed problem but shot ok. Apr 18, 3. DakomaApr 18, Apr 21, 4. Apr 21, 5. I'm familiar with Norinco's. Love to see a pic of it. Big DogApr 21, Apr 21, 6. A great firearm, the stock needs some getting used to but the mechanics and accuracy are phenomenal. Check out this link. July, 96 Update. Last edited: Apr 21, Remember Me? What's New?

Results 1 to 6 of 6. Bowning semi auto interchangeability with Norinco ATD. Not sure this is the right forum for this. I have a Norinco ATD. I am hoping so as I don't think I will be able to source parts for the Norinco. Posts Sarco has some Norinco ATD parts. Join Date Dec Posts 1, Some may require fitting and some may not work at all.

The Norinco, though accurate, is a very poor copy of the Browning. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I just checked Sarco's website.

They have the barrel locking nut and associated parts. Ken thank you for your lead, I am ordering parts today. While not nearly as elegant as the Browning rifle this chinese copy is an excellent shooter. Mine is very accurate and functions flawlessly.

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I have come to find I don't like the bottom ejection though. Join Date Aug Posts 3. I just finished refurbishing an ATD. I found the complete lockring assembly for the Browing works great. I got it from Numrich, www. Quick Navigation The. All times are GMT The time now is PM.Savage 93R17 Accutrigger and magwell in good condition. For enquiries please call store Threaded Has trigger pins. Dealer delivery available Not WA.

Check your state regulations.

Norinco Rifles Semi-Auto Rifles ATD 22 Auto

State: QLD. These are hard to find.

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Price includes Express Post delivery Anschutz 22 Magnum magazine in good condition. No texts thanks as no mobile s D category semi automatic upper. State: NT. Is a model in Barrel has been threaded.

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Has rubber bolt knob installed Very rare Lee Metford skeletonised training aid in fair condition. What you see is what you get, and yes thi Shoei are the manufacturers of the very best replicas It has a fe State: VIC. No PTA, just guild membership.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Norinco.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Hi guys I am looking for a. Does anyone know how the Norinco. If not, do you have any other suggestions? I am new at the buying, only bought a CZ P09 from a local dealer so please let me know where is a good place to buy?

Re: Norinco. They're a popular low-cost option if you're on a budget. They go bang but quality tends to vary. I've seen them somewhere can't remember right now and have heard that they're decent for the price. Where are you based? Hi Bok I'm "inheriting" a JW15 from my Old Man that he modified into a "goose gun" - cut the barrel down to 16", permanently attached a suppressor, replaced the factory stock with a thumb-hole stock that he made and stuck a decent scope on it.

Out of his four. Don't recall anything being replaced because it broke only upgrade replacements and happily digested everything it was fed. IMO it's good enough for a field gun and cheap enough to be extensively used.

Can't wait to get mine! Im in George in the western cape Recall seeing it for less. I'll call around tomorrow. Hi Bok I have just gone through the process of finding a. Couldn't find a 2nd hand BRNO within driving distance from me I prefer to look before I buy and the ones that were advertised close by was already sold by the time I saw the add. If funds was not a problem I would have loved a new CZ but for my use and situation, I had to find a cheaper alternative.

Lots of reviews on all of them on Youtube but ultimately everyone has their own thing that attracts them to a rifle or not.

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I handled all 3 in the shop and I just could not get myself to buy the Norinco. Very rough on the touch, the action, basically everything for me. I think it is on while stocks last. Good: Accurate Sturdy Cycles perfectly even empty cases Open sights are perfectly aligned from factory Bad: Wood looks a bit cheap In my opinion its the best.

If you are paying I would weigh it up against rifles of the same price tag. I own one of these Mr Bok-Bond. I'm very happy with mine. The stock is shiny and shouts China, but a little D. Y can make it look like a brno. I have also heard of a few that broke the plastic magwel. What Juriew said Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. People murdered by other means.